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You know the drill. You know the radio telephony phraseology, perhaps you have even been a pilot for decades. However, when the workload in the cockpit rises, one of the first things to fail is the ability to adequately handle radio communication. Sometimes this can be solved with a ‘say again’, or sometimes just an educated guess at the clearance or instruction. Resulting often in an erroneous readback to the controller. Hopefully he corrects it… or denies it.

“The amount of information that pilots can actively read back is constrained by the inherent limitations of their verbal working  memory.”

Source: “The Outcome of ATC Message Complexity on Pilot Readback Performance”


Train your memory and readback skills
The ATC Readback Trainer is a software application specially developed to train your readback skills. The software generates an infinite number of unique ATC calls and pronounces them using Text-To-Speech technology.


During every exercise your readback transmission is recorded. At the end of the training session you can replay your recordings and evaluate them yourself with the given ATC clearances. This way you learn what your pitfalls are and you can train yourself to improve your radio communication skills. 


To make things even more realistic the software can also simulate different levels of cockpit workload. While listening to ATC you have to monitor your cockpit instruments and complete simple tasks in time. As in real life, failure is not an option…  Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.


Gradually improve your skills
The training software offers different options to configure the difficulty level of the exercises. This way you can focus the training on your personal goals. Possible training setup options include:

  • Speech rate of the ATC controller (computer voice)
  • ATC Database (type of messages)
  • Message complexity (number of read back items)
  • Cockpit workload (complexity of tasks to complete in time)


System requirements
Microsoft Windows XP or later (Vista, Windows 7, etc.) and a microphone to

record your readback.


Download now for free
You can now test the usability of this software with a free trial version. You can see how the software looks and explore its features - all at a time that's convenient to you.


The free trial version features all of the functionality, but features a very limited ATC database with only a few ATC calls, until it is upgraded to a registered version. The registered version contains a database with an extensive number of exercises, both VFR and IFR, which you can select separately. With the registered version it is also possible to use custom made ATC databases.


You don´t need to sign up or provide any information. Just download the software and get started.


Download latest version here (version


Purchase a registration code
If you want to enjoy the full product all you need to do  is purchase a registration code and enter the registration information in the application. No extra downloads are required.


Your registration information will stay valid for future releases of the application. Simply check the website for new versions and  download the latest version of the software.

You can purchase the registration code securely and safely via PayPal.




ATC Readback Trainer

€ 9,99

Once the payment transaction is successfully completed, you will receive the registration information instantly on screen. A confirmation will also be sent to you by e-mail.





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