The training consists of 8 exercises of a 30-second duration. During this time you are required to listen to an ATC call and provide a readback as appropriate.



The SPACEBAR operates as your Mic button.  Hold the button down continuously to record your readback. Your last transmission will be stored for your results.


Once you have configured cockpit workload, at random intervals cockpit instruments will start flashing. You have limited time to reset the flashing instrument by clicking on the corresponding label on the right side. When you fail to do this in time the training will be aborted and you will be redirected to the result screen.

In the result screen you can listen to your recorded readbacks and verify them yourself by making a comparison to the corresponding ATC text. If the readback is consistent with the text you can score yourself for that exercise.


The free trial version features all of the functionality, but features a very limited ATC database with only a few ATC calls, until it is upgraded to a registered version. Download it now.




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