Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have (basic) knowledge of ATC radio communication?

Yes, you need to know which items from an ATC call require readback. The focus of this  software is to train your ATC readback skills.


Can I make my own ATC database?

Yes, please contact to receive instructions on how to make your own ATC database. This can be done  with a simple text editor (e.g., notepad). Only registered applications can use custom made ATC databases.


Where can I get other ATC databases?

When other ATC databases become available you can download them from this website and  save them in your local ‘MY DOCUMENTS’ folder. With a registered version of the application  you can use custom made ATC databases.


I only have one ATC voice available, where can I get more voices?

Microsoft ships by default only one voice (Anna for Vista and Windows 7) with Windows. You  can find on the internet (commercial) voices of better quality. Google the terms ‘SAPI’  and ‘VOICES’.


What can I do with suggestions for improvements of the software?

We are very interested in improving our software. Please send suggestions and comments to

Am I allowed to share this software with fellow pilots?

Yes, this is suitable for the software download. However, not for your personal registration information. The best solution is to direct interested people to so they can  download the latest version of the software.


Is it possible to have a specially branded version for my training organization?

Yes, contact  to discuss this in more detail.



Other questions ?

Please send an e-mail to 




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